---Jeff Spoden
Global Outlook is a program that offers
students exciting, interactive learning
experiences. Students interact with politicians,
diplomats, academics, scientists, and
activists to develop the broad, international
perspective vitally important to success in the
21st century.

Students will discuss and debate; will
research, write, and present papers; will role
play diplomats at Model UN conferences; will
engage in other authentic activities designed
to promote critical thinking and meaningful
(perhaps even life-changing!) learning.

utlook.....An education for the 21st century
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Terrorism     Human Rights     Gender Studies     Politics     Communication     World Language     Technology     Cultural Exchange     
Sister Cities and Schools     Travel     Discussion     Problem Solving     Engagement
What We Are
Why It Matters
Northgate High School     425 Castle Rock Road     Walnut Creek, CA 94518     Principal - John McMorris     Director - Jeff Spoden     jSpo33@gmail.com     ( 925) 938-0900 x2132
What's Happening Now
Mission Statement
Global Outlook seeks to sustain a
learning community devoted to a greater
understanding of the world and its people.
Our emphasis will be on critical/relective
thinking and complex problem solving.

Reading, thinking, discussing, and writing
about the world and the issues/problems
facing humankind will be our focus.

We will work with people from other nations to
foster the communication and understanding
necessary for modern global citizenship.

We will also be guided by California and
MDUSD standards, benchmarks, and best
Model United Nations
Students will represent Northgate High at
local and national Model United Nations
conferences. Our MUN team will be guided by
the desire to engage in real-world diplomacy
and problem solving. Team members will
practice research, writing, public speaking,
and debate skills as they learn about
countries and important international issues.
Guest Speakers
will bring speakers to Northgate to
educate students in a wide range of areas.
Diplomats, scientists, NGO workers,
businesspeople, authors, scholars, and
activists will bring their knowledge
and expertise to our students. Additionally,
Northgate grads who have done interesting
and important work (there are many!) will
come back to help our current students
develop their own global outlook.
Sister Schools and Classrooms
will work with teachers and students at
Northgate to develop relationships with young
people in other countries. Classes will be
encouraged to adopt “sister” classrooms around
the world and students will have pen (or keyboard!)
pals to communicate with.
We will meet with
and learn from
Since a number of
our students may
pursue careers
business/trade, and
since the Bay Area is
so integral to pacific
rim commerce, we
see this as an crucial
component of
students will
work in partnership
with KIVA,
the computer-based
that funds
small-scale projects
around the globe.
Students will raise
funds, decide who
will receive
loans, correspond
with loan recipients,
track repayment, and
make new loans.
We will work with
parents and other
community members to
encourage and facilitate
educational travel
whenever possible. We
believe that our
students will gain
immeasurably from
first-hand experience
with other people and
World Affairs
students will
become members of
WAC and will attend
some of its seminars,
featuring internationally
renowned guests.
Sophomore World Issues Forum
All Northgate sophomores will participate in a Spring culminating activity. This "conference" will
involve students in research, writing, debate, public speaking, teamwork, negotiation, and
problem-solving. Conference topics will include international terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian
situation, environmental concerns, human rights, and many other important global issues.
Because the world is far more interdependent
than it's ever been before, and success in
today's world requires an understanding of
the many global factors that impact our lives.

As Americans, living in the most
economically and militarily powerful nation,
it has been easy to ignore the rest of the
world. But that insulation no longer serves
our students in a world with increasing
economic competition, shifting global
alliances, and potential environmental
calamity. Global Outlook seeks to connect
our students to the world in ways that will help
them as students, as employees, and as
citizens of both the U.S. and the world.

GO students will receive
recognition of participation in the
program on their high school
At present, Global Outlook is in its
"start-up" phase. This means that
we are:

1. Beginning to publicize the program to
Northgate students.
2. Meeting with interested parents,
teachers, and administrators to get the
program going.
3. Creating a timeline for the first year's
4. Looking for funding sources that will
assist in the long-term viability of the
5. Organizing our World Affairs
Challenge teams.
To earn a GO certificate and receive official
transcript acknowledgement, students will:

1. Take an International Relations class in the
Northgate social studies department.

2. Participate in at least two Model United Nations

3. Be on at least one World Affairs Challenge team.

4. Research MUN countries and issues, and
produce both rough-draft and final conference

5. Become members of the World Affairs Council
and attend one of its events.

6. Attend at least five guest speaker presentations.

7. Keep a neat, updated GO notebook, with all
material from speakers, books, seminars,
conferences, etc. Journal entries reflecting  
thoughts and feelings about GO activities will be

8. Develop an ongoing correspondence with a
student from another part of the world.

9. Read at least one book on the  year's OR focus

10. Complete level IV in any language taught by
Northgate's World Language department.
Student Requirements
If you're interested in promoting
GO in any way, please contact Jeff
Spoden at jSpo33@gmail.com
or (925) 938-0900 x2132.

Possible help might include:

Monetary contributions
*Grant writing
*Referrals to guest speakers
*Connections to international
businesspersons, diplomats, etc.
*Micro-finance expertise
*Travel assistance
*Anything else that you believe would
help us to provide our students with
interesting, educational experiences!
World Affairs Challenge
Northgate will send teams to this excellent
event, sponsored by World Savvy. Students
research an important global issue, put together
a creative presentation, and  perform in front of
judges at an all-day event at San Francisco State.
This year's topic is
Food: Feeding the Planet
Sustainably in the 21st Century,
and there will be
50 schools and over 500 students participating.
What We Do